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ISSUE #4 • JULY 2017

Planning Ahead

Even in the summer, teachers are busy with curriculum planning for the new school year. Finding the balance between reflecting on previous years and creating exciting new lessons is key. In this issue, we’re sharing ideas for building integration into your curriculum and honoring what you already have. Dig in!




Get Moving!

Francine Jennings | July 2017 Get Moving! So, you’ve got about six weeks left before you’re back at work for the 2017-18 school year. Most of your lessons have been [...]

Blogging for Arts Advocacy

Amanda Koonlaba | July 2017 Blogging for Arts Advocacy I started blogging about five years ago. Honestly, it was just a vague thought I'd had floating around in my brain. [...]

Finding Your Balance

Mary Dagani | July 2017 Finding Your Balance Summer is here!  Time for a little R&R after a long hard year.  Teachers work hard - there's no doubt about that! [...]

Notans: Arts Integration Idea

Lauren Hodson | July 2017 Notans: Arts Integration Idea Notans are perfect for symmetry, problem solving, critical thinking, Elements of Art, and can fit into any content area. You start [...]

Algorithms and the Arts

Susan Riley | July 2017 Algorithms and the Arts Monet, Van Gogh, Warhol… all of these names sound familiar, right? What about ‘The Next Rembrandt?’ Maybe not so familiar. Each [...]

Educator as Artist

Jaime Patterson | July 2017 Educator as Artist “Oh, you are going to the Kusama Infinity Room at the Hirshorn this weekend?” “I wish I could go visit- I’ve been [...]

Integrating Music with Sound Stories

Brianne Gidcumb | July 2017 Integrating Music with Sound Stories Sound stories were some of my favorite activities for students in my days as an elementary general music teacher. A [...]

The Importance of Starting Small

Lauren Hodson | July 2017 The Importance of Starting Small Teachers love their summer breaks.  It is a time to relax, recharge, reflect, and for many of us, reboot.  We [...]

Small in Size, Big in Learning

Matt and Laura Grundler | July 2017 Small in Size, Big in Learning You never know when inspiration may strike. Always be aware. Over this past year I had a [...]



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