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ISSUE #5 • AUGUST 2017

Back to School

It’s that time of year when everything is fresh and new. Your classroom is a clean slate waiting for a new set of adventures. In this issue, we’re sharing resources, tips and tricks for the best back to school season yet!




Your Classroom Music Playlist Guide

Susan Riley | August 2017 Your Classroom Music Playlist Guide Playing background music while working can increase concentration, creativity and even help with collaboration.  All of which are critical for [...]

Stop Teaching, Start Reaching

Typhani Harris | August 2017 Stop Teaching, Start Reaching How do you build Classroom Community? As educators we are so used to buzzwords flying about and one contemporary buzzword is [...]

7 Hints for Teaching Expected Behaviors

Susan Riley | August 2017 7 Hints for Teaching Expected Behaviors The beginning of the school year is often all about classroom management.  Teaching expected behaviors is a huge step [...]

Back to School Pep Talk

Lauren Hodson | August 2017 Back to School Pep Talk This is a Back-To-School Pep Talk for the teachers out there who are revving up for yet another school year [...]

August Already?

Matt and Laura Grundler | August 2017 August Already? Don’t forget to look back before moving forward. Sometimes we forget to reflect back on our topics, hosts and chatting together [...]

Pick 2 Brainstorming Strategy

Lauren Hodson | August 2017 Pick 2 Brain Storming Strategy Since the beginning of time, people have been brainstorming to combine two seemingly unrelated items in new and creative ways. [...]

Self-Care Practices for Educators

Brianne Gidcumb | August 2017 Self-Care Practices for Educators As a new school year begins, as the long days, the piles of paperwork, the hustle and bustle of school days [...]

Funding Arts Integration

Jaime Patterson | August 2017 Funding Arts Integration As we near the beginning of the school year, I want to purposefully address one of the elephants in the room when [...]

The Science Behind Curiosity

Deirdre Moore | August 2017 The Science Behind Curiosity Teachers often teach by instinct.  They are also action researchers.  They try something, they see how the kids respond and they [...]

Welcome Back… Already?

Mary Dagani | August 2017 Welcome Back... Already? While packing for a long awaited trip, I realized I needed a few travel items so I quickly dashed over to my [...]

Create-a-Creature Ice Breaker

Amanda Koonlaba | August 2017 Create-a-Creature Icebreaker This is a fun and engaging way to start the school year. It is not just a game, though. This activity is an [...]



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