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ISSUE #10 • JANUARY 2018


One of the fastest and most effective ways to integrate the arts is through quality arts strategies. But what if you’re not confident in your own abilities?

In this issue, we’ll share simple arts strategies and techniques that you can teach and use to take Arts Integration to the next level in your lessons.


African American Architects Lesson

< Back to all free lessons Lesson Overview African American Architects GRADES 4-5 MATH AND ART How can students learn about area of rectilinear figures through the creation of architectural [...]

Get Your Nerd On!

Approaches Get Your Nerd On! 3 Min Read  •  Arts Integration Does witnessing brilliance bring tears to your eyes?  Does brilliant integration inspire you?  Then you MUST check [...]

Using Collage to Teach Math

Approaches Using Collage to Teach Math 2 Min Read  •  Arts Integration Collage seems like such a simple artistic medium.  Everyone remembers creating a collage in elementary school [...]

SEL and the Arts: Social Awareness

ACCELERATOR RESOURCE SAMPLE SEL and the Arts: Social Awareness Brianne Gidcumb  •  Social Emotional Learning Social emotional learning “enhances students’ capacity to integrate skills, attitudes, and [...]

Process Drama Ideas to Try

Strategies Process Drama Ideas to Try 2 Min Read  •  Drama Process drama is to Theater as Choose Your Own Adventure Books are to Reading. It's a teaching [...]

Arts Integration Student Placemats

ACCELERATOR RESOURCE SAMPLE Arts Integration Placemats for Students 5 Min Read  •  Arts Integration When it comes to our classrooms, student resources are always at a [...]