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ISSUE #14 • MAY 2018


As you get ready to close another school year, use these ideas, tips and strategies for getting organized and finishing strong.


Be All That You Can Be

Resources Be All That You Can Be 3 Min Read  •  Inspiration A soldier artist?  What now?It turns out that the United States Army has an art program. Who knew?  They [...]

How to Save a Failing STEAM Challenge

Approaches How to Save a Failing STEAM Challenge 5 Min Read  •  STEAM Have you ever tried to facilitate a STEAM challenge that flops? Have students attempted the challenge [...]

Educators Who Think Like Artists

Approaches Educators Who Think Like Artists 11 Min Read  •  Arts Integration Last year, we had the opportunity to have Amy Burvall and Dan Ryder, authors of Intention, [...]

Fostering Curiosity and Imagination

Classroom Management Fostering Curiosity and Imagination 20 Min Read  •  Student Engagement Over the years, when speaking about integrating the arts into the classroom, I have frequently been [...]

Make Every Minute Count

Classroom Management Make Every Minute Count 6 Min Read  •  Time Management It's the last day of school in an elementary classroom: Clean Out Day. Students dump the [...]

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