How We Roll.

We’ve created an intentional culture that promotes productivity, collaboration, and fun at work. When you join The Institute, know that the people you work with are just as excited, collaborative, and committed to excellence as you are.

We believe that work is meant to serve, but is not meant to overtake your life. We are committed to ensuring our team members thrive, both personally and professionally.

Our company values diversity, equity, and inclusion, and strives to create a working environment that is reflective of this priority. We have a zero tolerance policy for hate. Racism, sexism, ageism, ableism or any other ism born from bigotry and hate has no place here.

Team Retreat

Creativity is Key

The world is a big place.  Creativity is the fingerprint of the human spirit, which gives us all a unique and personal way of relating to this world of ours. This should be embraced and cultivated, both in and out of the school house.

We are Better Together

Collaboration, sharing and connecting help us all, and in the end, help our students.  We don’t believe in going through life with a closed fist.  As Maya Angelou so famously stated, “You can’t use up creativity” and as we often remind ourselves, “there’s more where that came from”.  We are passionate about honoring intellectual property, as well as in sharing for the better good whenever we can.  And we wholeheartedly believe that these two things can co-exist.

Upward Spirals Only

There’s enough negativity in the world – there’s no need to feed into it.  We are positive people who work tirelessly to solve problems and raise up what is good.  That doesn’t mean that we’re all shiny unicorns and rainbows.  But it DOES mean that we are professional, kind, humble and look for ways up and over the challenges that face us.  If you do not fit those attributes, please move on.  We do not tolerate or feed the trolls.

Integrity Matters

There is nothing as powerful as your word.  We value the trust and collaboration of our community and it is important to us that we live up to our core principles.  That means that we will go above and beyond to ensure what we produce is of the highest value and best quality.  It also means that we respect and value all teachers, no matter their backgrounds, content areas, or perspectives.

Serve First

We approach our work with a servant’s heart.  We are here to support K-12 teachers in successfully integrating the arts in a way that maintains the authenticity of all content areas, while showcasing the intrinsic value of the arts themselves.  We work hard to provide materials and resources (free AND paid) that will help save you time and lead you to greater joy and success in the classroom.  It is our pleasure to help you!

We are a fully remote company.

After over a decade of working remotely – and having a physical office space – we’ve learned how to collaborate without walls. As a company, we’ve made the decision to go fully remote and believe it offers the best flexibility for our team members.

We have team members from all time zones in the contiguous United States, and have even had team members work while exploring other areas of the world for months at a time.  We know you have a big life and big plans outside of work. We honor that through our remote environment.

As an Institute employee, you’ll be able to work wherever and whenever you want, so long as your core responsibilities and hours have been met each week. We strive for a 32-hour workweek for full-time staff, though some projects may require more hours at busy seasons during the year.

Team Zoom

Perks and Benefits.

At The Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM, we believe that we’re at our best at work when we’re at our best as people. Because of that, our benefits aren’t merely benefits.

They’re how our core company values—such as serving first, unyielding integrity, and continuous creative growth—come to life. Every item on this list is intended to empower you and your family to develop and transform.

Tiered Bonus Incentive Plans

To achieve success, we all have to work together. That’s why we share in our success together, too. All eligible full-time employees will receive year-end bonuses when we reach our annual financial goals.

401K Retirement Contribution

Saving for your future should be easy. We’ve made it that way by providing an automatic 401K Retirement Plan for all full-time employees after their first 3 months on the job. We even match your contributions on the first 3%.

Unlimited PTO

We expect our team members to deliver exceptional results, and we reward that contribution with extraordinary freedom. We know high-performing teams excel when they are healthy and well-rested. That’s why we allow our full-time employees to take as much time off as needed to do their best work. Simply submit your request for PTO to your supervisor, make sure your responsibilities are covered, and have a great time away!

Paid Sabbatical

We know you have big dreams and goals that may require extended time away from work. Every three years, full-time employees are eligible to take a paid, one-month sabbatical to pursue those big dreams, have new adventures, and recharge.

Paid Holidays

Enjoy having all major holidays off to be fully present with your family, friends, and loved ones. We also provide a paid week off between Christmas and New Years each year.

Paid Parental Leave

We celebrate strong families and parents who are present. That’s why we go above and beyond the FMLA requirements to provide twelve weeks of paid maternity leave and six weeks of paid paternity leave for eligible employees. This enables both biological or adoptive parents, that have been working with us full-time for 12 consecutive months, to bond with their new additions without trying to come back to work too soon.

Premium Health Care Coverage

Healthy employees are happy employees, so we cover 100% of your monthly health care premium for your medical, vision, and dental plan — which saves our employees $4,000 on average every year. Have a family? You are eligible to add your dependents and/or life-partner at cost through our excellent Aetna plan coverage.

Complimentary Access to All Products

We want our team members to experience the same transformation from our courses and other products our customers do. So, as a team member, you’ll enjoy complimentary access to products like the Accelerator, Certification program, Conferences, and more. Life Partners can also be given access to all digital products —just ask if you’d like something.

All-Team Retreat

We’re passionate about personal and professional growth, and we hire people who are, too. Research shows that the ability to grow in one’s job is a key predictor of professional satisfaction. So once a year we gather (in- person when possible, virtually when required) for a couple of days to discover new things about ourselves and each other. We cover topics like coaching and team building, the Enneagram, personal goal setting, and productivity and rejuvenation hacks to allow our full-time team to successfully work and live life to its fullest.

Annual Professional Development Budget

What skills do you need to become better at your job? Every team member is granted a professional development budget of $1000/year. Work together with your supervisor to pinpoint what skills you want to develop, and then we’ll help you equip yourself.

Personal Development

We value our team as our greatest asset and therefore each full time employee has the autonomy to use $500 annually towards personal development of their choice each year. Personal development covers self-care activities, including but not limited to, gym memberships, personal trainer expenses, chiropractic care, massages, book club memberships, therapy or counseling services, marriage retreats, acupuncture — you name it!

PTO for Community Service

We celebrate community involvement and making the world a better place. That’s why we encourage our team to take up to 2 days per year of paid time off for community service activities of their choosing. This is totally optional, but a benefit we celebrate and encourage.

Technology Package

Each full-time team member is provided with a MacBook Pro laptop or a 27” iMac. You will have everything you need to hit the ground running! Technology is upgraded every 3-4 years so you’ll always have the latest tools.

Technology Platform Access

Once your technology is set up and you are ready to dive into your work, you will quickly learn and familiarize yourself with The Institute’s many platforms. These platforms are the best out there and will fully support you in your role. Some examples include: ActiveCampaign, WordPress, Google, Airtable, Canva, and more!

Flexible Work Hours

We trust our team members to know when they work best. Are you a morning person? Night owl? Maybe you need to be available to take your
kids to their soccer practice right after school. Whatever hours work best for you, work best for us. As long as your work is getting done on time, you can flex your work hours to fit best into your life – not the other way around.

Current Openings.

No current openings.

Please check back for opportunities as they arise.

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