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School Certification for

Arts Integration or STEAM

School Certification for Arts Integration or STEAM

Elevate your impact in and through the arts. Become a nationally-certified Arts Integration or STEAM School with this accredited program.

**Currently available in the United States only.

About School Certification

This School Certification program provides schools with a results-driven school improvement model using the arts as a driver for success.

You’ll become a nationally-recognized model for change through Arts Integration and STEAM.

This 3-year School Certification process has been developed through 10 years of research in the field, and helps you develop a whole-school framework for implementation and long-term sustainability.

What’s Included:

  • 3-year customized program. Includes a dedicated commissioner for support, both in-person and virtually.

  • National recognition as a certified Arts Integration or STEAM school.

  • Receive school-wide access to the Accelerator for 3 years.

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Certification provided for up to 20% of staff.

  • Inclusion in the Arts Integration and STEAM School Network.

  • Building a positive school culture around creativity and collaboration.

  • Provides School Certification for 5 years.

Benefits to School Certification through The Institute.

Whether you’re ready to become a model for others, or you’re focusing on your school improvement efforts, getting nationally certified as an arts integration or STEAM school can help. Here’s how this program can benefit your whole school community:

Increased Student Achievement

Schools who use arts integration or STEAM intentionally and across grade levels see student achievement soar. Research shows up to 10% improvement in reading and math scores using this model.

Improved Teacher Satisfaction

Teachers who are equipped to use arts integration and STEAM in their classrooms consistently report higher levels of job satisfaction. This leads to longer-term teacher retention.

Higher Student Engagement

When schools use these approaches, students are more engaged throughout the school day. Research shows that these schools see less behavior disruptions and increased student attendance levels.

Here’s What You’ll Receive as a Certified School:

  • Official School Certification Seal to use across websites, socials, newsletters, etc.
  • Large banner to hang on school grounds
  • Certificate and pins for all participants
  • Plaque to hang in school offices
  • Recognition at The Institute’s Annual Conference
  • Listed as a Nationally-Certified School on our website
  • Recommended Model School for other school teams to visit throughout the year
  • Ability to become a showcase site where we visit and film lessons in action to share across the web.
  • Additional showcase opportunities with our network of arts integration and STEAM organizations as they become available.

Application Process and Timeline

The School Certification Program is an application-only process. Below is the process and timeline for applications, so you know exactly what to expect.

STEP 1: Submit Your Application Package (January 8 – February 23)

    • Request an application package. This package includes:
      • Application (please note: this is comprehensive and requires forms from multiple people)
      • Video Workshop that outlines the application process and answers common questions.
    • Application must be submitted by February 23, 2024.  Follow instructions in the packet for submission.
    • Commission team reviews all submitted applications. Decision letters will be sent March 5, 2024.

STEP 2: Contract Completion Process (March 5 – 21, 2024)

    • Acceptance Letters with Commitment Contracts are sent March 5, 2024. These include:
      • Acceptance Letter outlining year 1 process.
      • Customized Contract with school invoice for the first deposit. These are customized based on total school-level participants.
    • Contract must be signed and submitted by March 21, 2024.  First deposit is also due March 21, 2024.
    • School is assigned their dedicated commissioner for the next 3 years.

STEP 3: Preparation for Kickoff (April – June)

    • Meetings are scheduled in April with 2 School Leaders + Principal and Certification Commissioners to discuss:

      • Review meeting with the process and what items are needed next, including:
        • Team Development
        • Self-Assessment Review
        • Select Level 1 Certification Learners
        • Create Rosters for Accelerator Access
    • Submit preparation pieces above by May 10. 

    • Kickoff Begins July 1, 2024.

School Investment

This national school certification is an investment in both time and funding. It’s important to understand the commitment required before applying to the program:

  • Time Commitment:
      • 3 Years
  • Budget Commitment:
    • 50% deposit for total commitment due March 23, 2025.
    • 25% due July 1, 2026.
    • Final 25% due July 1, 2027.
    • Total funding commitment is based on total staff members. See Application Packet for more details.

LETTERS OF INTENT OPEN: November 4, 2024 – December 6, 2024.

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