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ISSUE #1 • APRIL 2017

Assessing Creativity

Yes – the arts promote creativity, flexibility, collaboration and originality.  No, that doesn’t mean creativity assessment is impossible.  In this issue, we consider all of the ways that we can assess our students as a natural part of the teaching and learning cycle…in and through the arts.



Positive Interactions in the Art Room

Amy Traggianese | April 2017 Positive Interactions in the Art Room Assessment in the arts usually equals teachers assessing student work and performance. Let’s discuss assessment from another angle: assessment [...]

Lighting the Way: Lighthouse STEAM Projects

Beverly Carson | April 2017 Lighting the Way: Lighthouse STEAM Projects In 1787, George Washington proposed the construction of the first lighthouse in Maine at Cape Elizabeth.  After visiting this [...]

Art Assessment Idea: Visualizing Growth

Lauren Hodson | April 2017 Art Assessment Idea: Visualizing Growth My students, like all artists, face hurdles when it comes to drawing. When they envision something in their head, they [...]

1×5 Strategy for Creative Thinking

Susan Riley | April 2017 1x5 Strategy for Creative Thinking Have you ever asked a question in your classroom only to be met by blank stares?  Or maybe, you've asked the [...]

Making Musical Connections

Mary Dagani | April 2017 Making Musical Connections As a STEAM TOSA, I have the honor of working with over 600 TK-5th grade students throughout our district.  I see my [...]

Arts Integration in the Red Zone

Jaime Patterson | April 2017 Arts Integration in the Red Zone The school where I work has a large population of students with emotional disabilities and special learning needs.  Although [...]

Mastering Geometry Concepts With Dance

Dyan Branstetter | April 2017 Mastering Geometry Concepts with Dance It is so interesting for me to observe students learning geometry in the elementary classroom simply because it is so [...]

Collaborate?! When? How?

Deirdre Moore | April 2017 Collaborate?! When? How? One of the hardest things about teaching is the lack of time to actually talk/collaborate/share with colleagues.  It can be a very [...]

Celebrating Shakespeare Through the Arts

Dyan Branstetter | April 2017 Celebrating Shakespeare Through the Arts April is the perfect month to bring some Shakespeare into your students' lives. William Shakespeare was born on approximately April [...]



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