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Each day, we have the honor of teaching multiple student populations. ELL,
Gifted and Talented and Special Education students all bring different joys and challenges to our classrooms.

In this issue, we’re highlighting tips, strategies and resources to integrate the arts with these students.


Teaching With Creativity: Take-Two!

Jaime Patterson | February 2018 Teaching with Creativity: Take-Two! Season Two of Teaching With Creativity Your favorite arts integration vodcast returns for another information packed season!  Education Closet has brought [...]

Ekphrasis: STEAM Inspired by Art

Tom Collins | February 2018 Ekphrasis: STEAM Inspired by Art Ekphrastic work is art that is inspired by another piece of art.  I was first introduced to this concept when [...]

Self-Care for Teachers

Brianne Gidcumb | February 2018 Self-Care for Teachers How many of us made New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st with the best of intentions? I did. And as the routine [...]

Design Across the Arts

Jaime Patterson | February 2018 Design Across the Arts With the recent tidal wave of schools turning from STEM to STEAM, the Design Process is playing a vital role in [...]

Increase Student Learning with Social Media

Amy Traggianese | February 2018 Increase Student Learning with Social Media You’re probably reading this and thinking, “Wait a minute… social media can INCREASE student learning? No way!” I think [...]

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