African American Architects


Math and Art

  • 45-60 Minutes


  • Drawing pencils and erasers
  • Rulers
  • Graph Paper (larger is better but any size will work)
  • Folders with articles and image samples
  • Notecards

Lesson Overview:

How can students learn about area of rectilinear figures through the creation of architectural blueprints?


Step 1: Look at a photograph of Villa Lewaro, designed by Vertner Woodson Tandy. Using artful thinking, analyze the components of the photography.

Step 2: Distribute Architect Folders to small groups and explore various blueprints and architects about Robert Taylor, Verner Tandy and Paul Williams. Explore how items are placed in blueprints.

Step 3: Using the blueprints, measure the areas of each rectangle and then explore how these shapes are used in both overlapping and non-overlapping ways.

Step 4: Students create their own blueprints of their dream home using graph paper and drawing pencils, ensuring the use of overlapping and nonoverlapping parts.


Design Rubric.

Students can:

  • Read, discuss and share about architects they have been assigned.
  • Apply knowledge of architects and math concepts using graph paper to create a blueprint of their dream house.
  • Create a design that has an area of 50 squares