Lauren Hodson | January 2018

Winter Arts Integration Resource Roundup

Winter can be a magical time for Arts Integration. There are so many topics to focus on and hands-on projects that can be used to fuel engagement and reinforce learning.

Classroom and arts teachers can use these links to inspire some festive winter fun.

Math and Sculpture

  • Create a snowman using geometric forms.
    • Geometric Snowman by: Minieco HERE
  • Create some unique winter origami and paper crafts.
    • 15 DIY Paper Holiday Decor Projects by: Curbly HERE

Math and Mixed Media

  • Create a winter scene that emphasizes measurements and angles.
    • Colorful Christmas Trees by: Kids Artists HERE

Science and Sculpture

  • Create a festive winter sculpture with these colorful icicles.
    • Creating Colorful Icicles by: Housing a Forest HERE
  • Use this science experiment to create an instant ice sculpture.
    • Instant Ice: Winter Science Experiment for Kids by: Raising Lifelong Learners HERE

Scientific Method and Sculpture

  • As a class, test these recipes for fake snow and document your findings.
    • Fake Snow Lab-Testing the Best Recipes for Artificial Snow by: Left Brain Craft Brain HERE

Science, Technology, and Music

  • Document this experiment by taking a video of the reaction. Compose some music to go along with your snow storm.
    • Snow Storm in a Jar by: Growing a Jeweled Rose HERE

Science and Drawing/Painting

  • Create a unique work of art with ice chalk
    • Play Recipe – Ice Chalk by: Growing a Jeweled Rose HERE

Winter Collections

  • Winter Science Experiments You Can Do Without Snow by: Schooling a Monkey HERE
  • 10 Winter STEAM Challenges for Kids by: Kids STEAM Lab HERE
  • Folding Christmas Fractals and Koch Snowflakes by: Artful Maths HERE
  • STEAM Up Your Classroom with Snowflakes by: Education Closet HERE
  • Christmas Tree Engineering Project by: Little Bins for Little Hands HERE
  • Build a Snowflake Tinker Tray by: What Can We Do With Paper and Glue HERE

About the Author

Lauren Hodson is a middle school visual and computer art educator in Plymouth, Massachusetts. As a mentor teacher and professional development presenter, Lauren is passionate about creativity and making art accessible for everyone. Her passions in STEAM and Arts Integration are at the root of her goal to collaborate with classroom teachers everywhere.