master class arts


What is a Master Class?

Master Classes are small, intimate groups who focus on specific skills and techniques to help provide a launchpad for faster growth for any artist.  Typically, they are led by teachers who have expertise in a certain area and who work one-on-one with the participants.  As the teacher is working with an individual student, the rest of the class is participating by observing, asking questions, and taking notes that apply to their own pieces.  We wanted to provide something for you as educators that allowed you to grow in your craft while connecting you to pertinent information from the field.  It’s about connecting both the art and the science of good teaching.


The Master Class Series

We are carving out a series of Master Classes to provide to you and any other educator out there who wants to grow and learn more deeply about a critical topic in education today.  Some will be hosted by the team here at EducationCloset.  Others will be led by outside leaders and innovators.  All will be relevant, exciting, and meaningful to your teaching practice.

Master Classes are free to anyone who wants to attend.  There is no limit to the learning.  All Master Classes are held through Google Hangouts via a live video feed, which will also be recorded.  If you can’t attend live, you can still watch the video for each class at your convenience.  All registrants receive instructions prior to the class for how to access and participate in the event.

During the class, you are free to ask the class facilitator questions, reference and use your own work as a guideline for the class, and engage with other educators from around the world.  In addition, all Master Classes will provide you with the option to order all of the presentation materials for only $15.  This provides you with the opportunity to leave with samples, templates, readings, and resources provided directly by the class facilitator.  These materials aren’t mandatory for the class, but if you feel they are useful to your teaching practice, they are available to you at a very reasonable price.


Master Class Sessions

Please visit our Events Page to view the upcoming series.