I have seen this musical notation festive lesson done a few times strictly in music classes before. I thought it would be an interesting collaborative arts integration lesson for music and visual art classes too.

This festive lesson I am talking combines musical notation and observational drawing skills.  Students use their knowledge of musical symbols to create a jack-o-lantern face on a pumpkin drawn using observation skills and highlighting the art element of value. Refer to the image below for a comprehensive overview of this lesson.


Materials You Need:

  • Pumpkins for observation
  • Paper
  • Pencils/Erasers
  • Chalk Pastels, Oil Pastels, or Paint

Processes To Do:

  • Review Musical Symbols: What are they? What is their function?
    • Rests, Notes, Clefs, Accidentals, and Flags
  • Review Value
    • Value: The lightness or darkness of an object or color.
    • Important components of value:
      • Light source: The lightest part of the object is closest to the light source. The light source may be seen in the work or imagined.
      • Drop shadow: Creates the illusion that the object is resting on a surface. It often replicates the shape of the object drawn and is opposite the light source.

Students will:

  • Draw the pumpkin, lightly with a pencil, using observational drawing skills.
  • Create a Jack-O-Lantern face out of musical symbols
  • Create a 3-dimensional effect with the symbols for more of a realistic look
  • Use chalk, oil pastels, or paint to create a gradation between the light and dark areas of the pumpkin’s surface.

musical notation, pumpkin, Education Closet

Feature this fun collaboration on a bulletin board in your school.  Not only does it make for an amazing display, but also features your arts integration efforts throughout your school. The more people see, the more they agree!

What do festive arts integration lessons you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!