Mixed Pattern Weaving


Math and Art

  • 30-45 Minutes


Lesson Overview:

Review the concept of mixed math patterns using the IXL review page: together as a class.

For each answer given, have students show a new way they could demonstrate that pattern (ie: use blocks, sketch, create a sculpture, etc).


Step 1: Explore a variety of weaving patterns and textures, as seen in this video: Notice the use of colors and textures (such as adding braids into the weaving) to highlight the patterns created by the woven piece.

Step 2: Discuss the patterns used in a weaving – both the actual pattern used to create the weaving and the pattern created based on color and texture choices.

Step 3: Outline a multi-pattern weaving on a piece of paper using mixed pattern number sequences. Students create a mixed pattern number sequence and then chart how they would use color and texture to create that into a weaving. For example, if the pattern was 1, 3, 7, 13 how might students create a weaving that showed that pattern using color (1 line of purple, 3 lines of pink, etc) and texture (7 lines of braided yarn, 13 lines of paper strips).

Step 4: Students create their weaving based on their outline using cardboard looms.


Critique each presentation on: the use of color and texture to communicate the math pattern, as well as on the creation of an accurate mixed math pattern.