Greg Pilewski | February 2015

Scheduling Disruptions: 3 Reminders for Student Engagement

As winter is in full swing, we are at that point in the academic year when spring break is around the corner, and accountability testing is at our door step.   With the implementation of new assessments across the county, schools and districts are still trying to work through the new requirements.  From new technology to new testing windows, it is common for daily routines to be disrupted.

How can you support your teachers and staff with maintaining continuity in student engagement learning through scheduling disruptions? 

Below are three simple reminders and multiple resources we found for you to support your teachers and staff with keeping students engagement through scheduling disruptions.

1. Engage Students Through Technology 

2. Engage Students Through Projects 

3. Engage Students Through Social and Emotional Learning 

How are you and your leadership team supporting your teachers to engage students through scheduling disruptions? 

How are your teachers maintaining continuity in student learning during disruptions to the school day?  

About the Author

Greg is a former Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and has nearly twenty years of classroom, school-based and district-level leadership experience in five different public school systems. He has a passion for teaching and learning and a commitment to supporting school-level and system-level leaders with integrated and innovative resources. Not only is Greg an accomplished leader and speaker, he’s also an avid tinkerer in his workshop where he enjoys making projects around his historic home for his lovely wife and two Labrador retrievers. You can catch Greg’s insights right here each and every Thursday and contact him directly at: [email protected]