Grades: 7-8

Aligned Standards: Next Generation Science Standards and Visual Arts Standards

Cognitive Level: Analysis, Evaluation and Creation

In this week’s Free Friday offering, we’re sharing a new STEAM lesson with you for middle school, specifically in grades 7-8.  We’ve recently be focusing on the powerful potential of using computer programming/coding in the classroom as a new way to communicate and create art.  In this week’s lesson seed, we’re sharing a unique way to showcase daVinci’s use of visual journaling and sketchbooks as a process for invention.  We use this as an avenue to looking at common objects in an uncommon way and developing a new invention using coding as way to share a prototype.

While not specifically addressed in this lesson seed, this could easily be extended into Common Core ELA in a study of the link between Renaissance literature and art, as well as Common Core Math in the Standards of Mathematical Practices.  This versatile lesson allows your students to play and participate in the process of invention which is critical for developing 21st century learners.  Happy Friday!

Download this Lesson Seed

decoding davinci