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If you’re new to EducationCloset, here are our core beliefs:

  • Creativity is Key. Too often our educational system relies solely on a single, standardized measure to determine student success.  This doesn’t serve our students well and demeans their capacity for innovation. We resolve to bring back creativity in teaching and learning.
  • Teaching is a science and an art.  Alignment provides authenticity.  To make true connections with students, we must honor all content areas with authentic alignments of standards and assessments.  Only then can lessons be engaging and innovative.
  • Integration of the Arts and Technology give students the opportunity to make real meaning through their learning.  By making intentional connections to the arts and technology, we are preparing students for the real challenges and opportunities afforded by the 21st century.
  • We are here to serve you.  We know that you face incredible adversities and experience fascinating break-throughs  We want to support you with the very best resources for your teaching craft.

EducationCloset is home to a community of teachers, leaders, artists and learners who strive to bring the creative spirit back to the classroom and to seek out the full potential of each student.