Motivating Students in Culturally Diverse Classrooms

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Sparkchasers Episode 41 | Show Notes

Motivating Students in Culturally Diverse Classrooms with Dr. Shaun Woodly

Not all children learn the same. And Dr. Shaun Woodly is on a mission to help teachers build connections and support all of their students reach their greatest potential.

Shaun Woodly, Ph.D. has dedicated his professional career to education. He is a decorated K-12 teacher, university professor and author whose deep passion and research have allowed him great success as an educator and entrepreneur. He is the architect behind the educator movement “Teach Hustle Inspire” and has written the best-selling book “MC Means Move the Class: How to Spark Engagement and Motivation in Urban and Culturally Diverse Classrooms”. In both education and life, Dr. Woodly believes in having fun! He educates with love, enthusiasm, motivation and hustle!

Tune into this episode where we’ll chat about his Teach, Hustle, Inspire movement and how it’s having a positive impact in culturally diverse classrooms everywhere. Here’s a few of my favorite snippets from our conversation:

Use the 4 A’s

Shaun shares 4 pillars that all educators can use to motivate students in culturally diverse classrooms and build foundational relationships:

  • Achievement: How to get your culturally diverse students from where they are to where they need to be.
  • Alliance: Establish strong relationships with your students, regardless of the challenges they face.
  • Awareness: Develop self-care and self-awareness strategies for yourself to help lower stress and increase enjoyment.
  • Artistry: Exercise the highest levels of your personal creativity in your urban or culturally diverse classroom.

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

For many educators, their classrooms look different than they did 10 years ago. Or, educators are drawing on their own experiences in school to inform them how they “should” be teaching now. Getting stuck using outdated teaching practices or not addressing the fact that the cultural makeup of your classroom has an impact on how we teach can cause roadblocks.

Shaun explains the difference between acknowledging culture on a surface level vs. embedding it into how we structure and teach our curriculum. There’s a big gap between having a “World Cultures Day”, and getting to know the students you teach through active listening while then responding to those observations.

You Are Stronger Than You Know

This year, maybe more than any other, showed the resiliency of teachers. It revealed how strong and courageous educators are and how much they want the very best for all students. Culturally diverse classrooms showcase the brilliant kaleidoscope of all people, as well as the areas we need to shine a light on to improve. More than anything, this year taught us we educators are ready for the journey ahead and are committed to helping all students reach their greatest potential.

Show Notes

Get in touch with Dr. Woodly through his website, his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels.

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