Summer 2021 Conference Sneak Peek

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Sparkchasers Episode 30 | Show Notes

Summer 2021 Conference Sneak Peek

Curious about who’s coming to the 2021 Summer Conference for Arts Integration and STEAM? Tune in as Conference Coordinator Holly Valentine and Susan Riley chat about this year’s keynotes, hands-on session, and the all-new teacher swag for participants!

This two-day event happens July 15-16, 2021 and you won’t want to miss it. Get all the details and make sure to register now to save your spot. Here’s some of the highlights from this episode:

The Very Best Lineup

Maybe the thing Holly and I are most excited about are the keynote speakers and hands-on workshops.

This year, we’re thrilled to welcome Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton to share their work in the arts, children’s literature, and their own podcast. Educators hold a special place in their hearts and this is a session you have to see.

We’re also excited to have Laura Benanti, Danielle Coke, and Dr. Shaun Woodley offering featured sessions surrounding the power of creativity, using the arts for social justice, and inspired leadership.

As always, our hands-on workshops are the real stars of the conference. This year, we have a wide variety that address current educational topics and all grade levels. Some highlights include:

  • making movement and dance a natural part of your classroom
  • using visual thinking for focus
  • integrating music with SEL
  • and specific sessions for literacy, math, and science connections.

We Have a Theme: ReimaginED

This year, we added a theme to our conference event: reimaginED. Because let’s face it: we’ve had to reimagine just about everything in education. Holly was the mastermind behind this addition and I’m so glad she led the way with this. All of our sessions now have a central focus on how we can leverage arts integration and STEAM to reimagine the future of our profession. 

Teacher Swag is Coming

Who doesn’t love getting swag at your conference events? It’s one of the things I’ve missed the most about online events this year. So this year we’re adding a Teacher Swag Store where you can get stickers, apparel, mugs, and more! And in our new VIP registration tier, you’ll get a voucher to apply to any item in the store.

Get all the Details

If you’re as excited for this 2-day event as we are, be sure to get all the details and register soon. We already have hundreds of educators attending and would love to welcome you.

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