Reforming Education with Nicholas Ferroni

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Sparkchasers Episode 29 | Show Notes

Reforming Education with Nicholas Ferroni

If there’s one thing 2020 taught us all, it was that education reform is a “must-have” item. But if you’re nervous about the ramifications of advocacy, it can be hard to start speaking up. In this episode, educator and activist Nicholas Ferroni shares how we can all be a part of reforming education change efforts no matter what size our platform. Here are some key lessons he shares:

Use What You Have

Nick is a big advocate of leveraging social media as educators. As he shares in the episode, “social media is a huge piece” of giving teachers a voice. Gone are the days when you needed a PR team and a big corporation behind you to be heard. Get on social media, connect with other educators, and share your story. It matters and could help drive the reform we’re looking for in education.

Live in the Juxtaposition

Nicholas also discusses the fact that you can BOTH love your job and criticize your job. Just because there are pieces about education or our individual schools or districts that need changed, that doesn’t mean we don’t love teaching. Of course we do! In fact, we love it so much, we want to help it evolve to meet the needs of our students. Advocating for reform is an act of service and care for our students and for our profession.

Advocate Using Data and Facts

Lots of teachers are afraid to speak up because of fear of retribution. Nicholas shares some key ways to make sure your advocacy efforts are both seen and validated:

  • Stick to the facts. Make sure you’re not simply sharing an opinion, but that you have the facts to back it up.
  • Gather your data to show rather than just tell.
  • There’s power in numbers. Connect and collaborate with other educators, your union, or other community advocates.

Connect with Nicholas

Want to share your advocacy story with Nick? You can get in touch with him on either of these platforms:

  • Twitter and Instagram

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