Become a CEO Teacher with Kayse Morris

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Sparkchasers Episode 21 | Show Notes

Become a CEO Teacher with Kayse Morris

If you’ve ever wondered how to have success with an online teacher business – whether it’s a TpT side hustle or a full-fledged education business – this episode is for you. Today, we’re getting real about becoming an empowered CEO teacher with Kayse Morris.

Kayse Morris is the founder of the CEO Teacher, an online space dedicated to helping educators change their lives by learning how to market their online teacher businesses. She does an incredible job of breaking down the process of creating and selling teacher resources online, and then helping teachers build their mindset and their marketing muscles to create the life of their dreams.

She’s a mama of 4, wife to a high school principal and just a wonderful down-to-earth woman.

Ready to learn how you can take what you know and build a business that impacts teachers and students all over the world? Grab you favorite mug of caffeine and listen into our conversation.

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