Opening the Mailbag

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Sparkchasers Episode 18 | Show Notes

Opening the Mailbag

Today we’re dipping into the mailbag! Over the last few weeks, we’ve received so many emails asking a wide variety of questions from listeners. Today, we’ll be answering:

  1. What’s it like to work at IAS? (Marcie from Indiana)
  2. How do you teach STEAM virtually and in-person? (Cara from Washington)
  3. I love your graphics! How do you make them? (Janelle from Texas)
  4. How do you decide what are free trainings and what are paid? (Matthew from California)
  5. I’m nervous that arts integration will replace arts education. So many art positions have already been cut. Is that what you’re suggesting? (Kirsten from California)
  6. What do you do when people steal your work? I’ve seen some of your stuff on other people’s powerpoints during conferences. Just curious how you handle that. (Heidi from Florida)
  7. I want to make my classes more engaging with new media and podcasts. Do you have any suggestions? (Edna from Wisconsin)


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