Learning How to Trust Yourself First

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Sparkchasers Episode 1 | Show Notes

Learning How to Trust Yourself First


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Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Sparkchasers podcast reboot!  This is a show for any educator looking to explore their creative side: in the classroom, business, and life. So grab a cup of caffeine, your favorite flair pen, and let’s chat about what’s now and what could be next.

Now if there’s one thing I wish I had known before ever making the leap into business and out of the classroom, it’s to learn to trust myself first. In today’s episode, I’m sharing the behind-the-scenes steps that it took for me to finally go out on my own and why trusting yourself is the key to making any big decisions.

Trust Yourself First, Not Last.

What’s the first thing you do when you have a big decision to make? My guess is that you go to everyone you trust and ask them for their opinion. I know I certainly do. We want to validate our opportunities with others to make sure we’re making the right decision.

But what I’ve discovered over and over again is that you have an inner guidance system that has all the answers you need, if you know how to tune into it. Often, if we check in with ourselves first, we can save ourselves a lot of time and indecision. Be sure to listen to today’s full episode to hear about how I’ve stumbled through similar moments in my own career and why I finally decided to leave the traditional school system for something a little different.

Key Lesson Learned: The only person you need to bet on is yourself. You know the way forward. When you follow it – even if, especially if, it’s scary – you’ll always land on your own two feet.

How to Find and Listen to Your Gut

Once you know that you need to flip how you make decisions by trusting yourself first, the next question is: how do I find that inner guidance system? Sometimes, we get confused as to whether something is a feeling in our gut or simply what we WANT to believe.

In this section of today’s show, I share a personal example of how this showed up during a crucial pivot point in my career. Hint: me sitting on an 8-lane highway crying was involved.

Key Lesson Learned: Get out of your head and into your body. Learn how to listen to your body and all the wisdom it contains and then trust it moving forward.

The Pain of NOT Trusting Yourself

Here’s what happens when you don’t trust yourself: you sacrifice time, energy, and countless resources in the wrong space. The journey is important and I’m a believer that you either get a win or a lesson but you never really lose. BUT…I could have learned the lesson so much faster if I had listened to and trusted myself. 

They say that suffering is wanting things to be different than they are. And I believe that. I also believe that suffering comes at the hands of not trusting that you know what you need and want. In living someone else’s expectations. And that is one of the most painful experiences to endure.

Things that Have Worked for Me

Here’s a few items that I share in this week’s show with some tips for getting started yourself:

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