Creativity Continues with John Spencer

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Sparkchasers Episode 3 | Show Notes

Creativity Continues with John Spencer

As we prepare for our upcoming Remote Learning Online Conference, there are quite a few threads to examine. One of the main thoughts we’re exploring is the idea of elegant simplification. And no one does that better than educator and author John Spencer.

John is an advocate for creativity, critical thinking, and helping students move beyond rote learning and into hands-on experiences. Many educators worry that this kind of research-backed teaching would be left behind during the realities of remote learning. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And John is passionate about sharing how to integrate creativity no matter what the classroom looks like.

Key Areas from Today’s Episode:

  • Why hands-on learning is so important for students (01:30)
  • What if you can’t find time for creativity in the curriculum? (03:36)
  • How the current state of remote learning is impacting hands-on experiences (06:10)
  • What challenges and opportunities have risen to the surface for education during the Pandemic (08:19)
  • Why creativity still matters – and why you can’t have social-emotional learning without the arts (11:05)

John will be a featured presenter during the upcoming Fall 2020 Remote Learning Reboot Online Conference and will be sharing the nuts and bolts of how to bring vintage innovation strategies into your own teaching. I hope you’ll consider joining us as we all come together for a day of sharing, learning, and connection!

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