Lauren Hodson | December 2016

STEAM Up Your Classroom with Snowflakes

For some, the air is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. It’s almost winter and students are excited for days filled with hot cocoa and sledding. That’s right, kids of all ages, it’s almost time for SNOW!

I try to stay away from typical holiday celebration projects in my art classroom. People celebrate a wide-range of holidays and some do not celebrate at all. In order to be respectful of the cultural beliefs my students and their families hold, we have a sharing session instead.

Students share their family’s traditions and discuss their favorite memories. I share some traditions from around the world, and we have a discussion about the similarities and differences. We also talk about ways in which we can help others around the holidays and spread kindness during the winter season.

Though I stay away from specific holiday-themed projects, I have discovered throughout the years, that students need to have an alternative outlet for their seasonal excitement. Snowflakes became the answer! STEAM Up Your Classroom with some snowflake inspired projects, a perfect way to embrace the holiday season and integrate the arts.

General Snowflake Theme Ideas to STEAM Up Your Classroom:

  • Photography: Snowflake photography is absolutely breathtaking! Check some out HERE
  • Math: Not only do snowflakes offer a basic lesson in symmetry, but there are also more in-depth topics such as the Koch Snowflake and Fractals with infinite perimeters but finite areas.
  • Science: Snowflakes can be a visual/physical representation of molecular structures and density. Also, check out STEAMing through the Water Cycle HERE
  • Psychology: No two snowflakes are the same. Just like us and our fingerprints, they are unique. Combine the two by creating paper snowflakes and decorating them with inked fingerprints.

I have compiled a Snowflake Round-up of Helpful Links to STEAM up your classroom this winter.  These projects can be combined for extra holiday fun!

I’ll also be sharing more STEAM Up Your Classroom ideas like this at our winter online Arts Integration and STEAM conference.  If you need an extra dose of inspiration this winter, you’ll definitely want to register for a day that is jam-packed with ideas – all from the comfort of home.  

Snowflake Project Round-Up

Drawing/Paper Arts:




Mixed Media/Sculpture:

Collaborative Projects:

How do you celebrate the season in your classroom?

About the Author

Lauren Hodson is a middle school visual and computer art educator in Plymouth, Massachusetts. As a mentor teacher and professional development presenter, Lauren is passionate about creativity and making art accessible for everyone. Her passions in STEAM and Arts Integration are at the root of her goal to collaborate with classroom teachers everywhere.