Holiday villages are a tradition that can be found all over the world.  In this middle school arts integration lesson, students explore the similarities and differences in these villages as well as design and construct unique versions based on their own town.  This arts integration lesson explores the social studies concept of culture, paired with the visual arts standard of connecting how art reflects changing times, traditions, resources, and cultural uses.



What’s fascinating about this lesson is the concept of the holiday villages themselves.  This article from the Baltimore Sun showcases a few examples of winter markets around the world, but there are literally thousands of festivals, villages, and markets that you could research and explore.  The development of these marketplaces really hinge on showcasing the artistic talents of individuals in the community, so this lesson could even extend into a study on the effect of art on a local economy too.


This arts integration lesson could easily translate into a STEAM lesson with a few adjustments.  First, you’ll need to adjust your intended focus to the design and construction of the village through engineering standards, as well as the organizing/creating visual art standards.  Also, you’ll want to spend a greater amount of time exploring how to construct using cardboard and the various art materials.  So be sure to model and experiment using something like the Global Cardboard Challenge first.

As you continue through the holiday season with your students, I hope this lesson provides a fresh twist on some old favorite lessons.  For more free arts integration lesson and STEAM lessons, be sure to visit our lesson page!

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