Measurement, Data, and Infographics with Growth Creatures: STEAM Unit

2 Min Read  •  Common Core

Have you used infographics with your students? If you teach any math or science standards related to graphing or analyzing data, they are a perfect way to incorporate visual arts standards to take instruction to a deeper level. In this brand new unit, Measurement, Data, and Infographics with Growth Creatures, students measure and record the data of a Dollar Store growth creature. Then, students analyze the results and represent their data in a visually effective way by creating an infographic.

This unit is designed for grades 3-4, but could easily be modified for other grade levels. It addresses Common Core math standards of measurement and graphing, as well as the Science and Engineering Standards of analyzing and interpreting data.  Students tend to have difficulty estimating measurement and capacity if they haven’t had the opportunity to play with measuring tools and discover what works and what doesn’t. Inquiry activities are built into the measuring portion of the unit to address this need.

The Arts standard for Media Arts is woven into the unit as part of the culminating infographics project once students have worked through gathering their results. The Arts are a crucial part of the process, because, in the real world, results don’t mean much unless they can be communicated effectively. Students will practice many of the 21st Century Skills for Learning and develop a better visual understanding of representing data by examining infographics. As a bonus, they will gain skills related to technology.

If you like the idea of this project-based unit but struggle with meeting the demands of a pacing guide, do not fear. While this can be taught as a stand-alone unit in about 8 – 10 sessions, it can also be taught by incorporating a small portion of the unit during each class session while following a strict pacing guide/curriculum on measurement and graphing. In fact, this is the way I teach it, and I’ve had great success with this flexible structure.

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