Dancing Shape Attributes


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Create a list of shapes that students know. Identify any shapes that have similar characteristics (have 4 sides, have lines, have curves, etc).

Ask students to create the shapes that they listed with their bodies. Which shapes can they create alone? Which shapes do they need to create with others? Why? As students create each shape, freeze into position and then ask students to look at each other. What do they notice about how they are creating the lines and angles of each shape using their bodies. What are similar and what is different about each person’s interpretation?

Lesson Process:

Step 1:  Reviewing their original shape list, look for the shapes with similar attributes. Classify these into categories (such as parallel sides and non-parallel sides).

Step 2: Divide students into small groups of 3-5 students. Then, ask each group to create one of the shapes from a selected category (ie: a square from the parallel sides category). Provide them with up to 30 seconds to create the shape using their bodies only. After 30 seconds, say “freeze!” and students will freeze into their shape.

Step 3:  Give students 5 seconds to find a new group with the same amount of people in it. Then, ask them to create the same shape using their bodies, but this time they cannot talk about it and they only have 20 seconds to create the shape.

Step 4:  Repeat step 3, but during this rotation, students must create a shape from another category.

Time Required:
30-45 minutes

Materials List:

  • Chalk/dry erase markers
  • Board
  • Space to move
  • mp3 player and sound system with musical selections during movement times.


As students collaboratively create their group body shapes, pause each time to assess whether each group clearly shows the attributes of their selected shape, as well as appropriately uses their bodies to create the shape in a collective form. As an extension, create a shape dance that moves from one shape to the next.