Grades: 7-12

Content Standards: Social Studies and Music

Have you heard or seen the musical Hamilton yet?  If not, it’s definitely worth a look.  This musical is one of the hottest tickets on Broadway and just performed live on the 2016 Grammys. Beyond the recognition lies something truly inspiring: showcasing a misunderstood founding father (and typical footnote in American History) to new prominence.  The musical shares how Alexander Hamilton rose from an immigrant to the brains behind the US Treasury System. All through the genre of Hip-Hop.

Maybe even more interesting, is the casting choices made for the musical itself.  Many of the cast are people of color, who represent key historical figures like Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr.  The irony and juxtaposition of this choice is striking and throws history into the 21st century.  Of course, this just BEGS for an arts integration lesson so that you can use this musical in your own classroom.

Connecting History and Music

In today’s lesson, we show you how to use this musical as the key to unlock not just Alexander Hamilton’s role, but also many other prominent figures in American History.  This lesson is more like a unit.  The pre-assessment piece actually uses a wonderful lesson found on Discovery Education as the foundation for the next steps.  Students use the musical to understand the key debates between Jefferson and Hamilton, and then learn about how the musical’s writer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, used hip-hop to highlight these moments.  Students then take what they’re learned, and research their own choice of historical figure to write a piece of music about and perform.

Why do we call this plan Hamilton Riffs?  Because a musical “riff” means to take a theme and create something new with it. That’s what we hope you’ll accomplish with this lesson.  Give your students the opportunity to take the concept originally showcased with this musical, and transform it into their own voice about a historical figure that means something to them.

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