Erosion Art


Science and Visual Art

  • 30-45 Minutes


Lesson Overview:

View the image Stones Sinking in Sand from Andrew Goldsworthy. Ask students what elements (water, earth) they see and what they think is going on in the image. Explore the idea of line, shape, color and how the elements are effecting the visual art.

Review the concept of erosion over time and how changes in weather and time can effect the earth. How can that explain what is going on in the Goldsworthy image?


Step 1: Explore other examples of Andrew Goldsworthy’s work and his artistic process of documenting how art can be transient based on where and how it is created.

Step 2: Explain that students will create a work of art outside using materials they find in their outdoor space, similar to the work of Andrew Goldsworthy. The transient artwork should demonstrate: a. Changes over time b. The process of Erosion and c. The physical properties of rocks and minerals.

Step 3: In student groups, move outside and have students explore the materials and create their artwork that demonstrates the above criteria.

Closing: Each group (or the teacher) takes a photograph of their group artwork. Each group presents their work to the class and explains each criteria.


Critique each presentation on: the use of color/design/ elements, clarity of message, connection of the art and science.