Bubble Solution


Math and Music

  • 30-45 Minutes


  • Bubble wand maker reference sheet
  • Homemade bubble solution
  • math journal
  • pencils

Lesson Overview:

Review a variety of shapes and ask students to identify them upon sight. Include square, circle, rectangle, crescent, triangle, and octagon. Add others as appropriate.

Ask students to show each shape that was used for identification in the preassessment as the teacher calls them out with their bodies, both individually and in teams. Play a variety of music during this step that is both fast and slow. Ask students to create their shapes based upon the tempo of the music (ie: quickly if the music is fast).


Ask students to think about bubbles. What kind of shapes do they make? How fast or slow do they move? Are they loud or soft? Then, ask students to use their bodies to show what a bubble might look like and how it might move around the room.

Ask students what would change the shape of a bubble. Show them a variety of bubble wands and ask them what about the wand might affect the shape of the bubble.

Create a bubble solution with the students using the recipe found in the materials section of this seed. Then, ask students to dip your wands in, blow the bubbles and record the shapes they see in a math journal.

Closing: Have students move like the bubbles they created with the bubble wands. Ask them to show the shapes with their bodies that they saw when they blew the bubbles. Remind them to use high, medium and low space just like the bubbles did as they floated.



Have students create their own bubble wands using one of the options from the reference sheet in the materials list. Their wand should showcase a shape of their choosing.

Each student will work with a partner who will dance as the bubble from the wand while the other student blows the bubble.

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