Today we’re providing you with a way that you can start speaking a common math language in your school.  This is the companion resource to yesterday’s popular “Literacy and Arts Common Vocabulary” chart.  Today’s chart shares with you the common vocabulary between Math and the Arts.  This is definitely more of a struggle to find in terms of actual vocabulary items, which I find a little ironic, given the easy parallels between the Math Practices found in the Common Core Math Standards and the Arts.  Even with connections so blatant, when it comes to terminology, we find ourselves lost in the weeds in math.

Never fear!  Today’s chart will provide you with a great starting ground for the critical terminology connections between math in grades K-12 and the Arts.  Keep in mind that these common terms relate to all of the arts: not one singular area.  So if you’re looking at the word frequency and wondering how that could possibly relate to visual art, it might not.  But it certainly has a big connection to sound in music.  Again, that’s why it’s so important to use this chart as a way to start conversations with your arts specialists. This is so they can help to guide you in the right direction!

arts and math k-5 vocabulary


We hope you’ve found these two resources helpful in your transition to Common Core and that we can continue to find ways that the arts can be and are partners in rigorous instructional practices for all students.  If you’re interested in more resources like these, you’ll find a wide variety at our upcoming Connectivity Conference.  If you haven’t already registered, we invite you to consider joining us for the day. You’ll enjoy plenty of presentations, exhibits and free resources just like these.