Dance to the Story


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Lesson Process:

Step 1:  Read or ask students to read a short story that relates to your current subject area topic.

Step 2: Place students in 3 groups. Ask each group to summarize a portion of the story: beginning, middle, or end. Provide each group with paper and a pencil or marker to write out their summary. Each summary may only be 3 sentences long.

Step 3:  Place the summaries up on the board in order and ask students to read through them for accuracy. Ask students if anything needs to be changed.

Step 4:  Tell the students that in their groups, one person will be the narrator that reads each sentence. Everyone else will perform movements that clearly show the meaning of each sentence. Each movement sentence must flow into the other so that there are 3 movement sentences which are seamlessly sequenced together.

Step 5:  Provide 5 minutes for each group to create and practice their sequence sentence dance.

Step 6: Ask the “Beginning” group to perform their dance. After they are finished, ask the rest of the class to provide feedback.

Step 7:  Repeat step 6 with the “Middle” group and the “End” group.

Step 8:  Divide the classroom space into 3 separate areas. Tell students that they will now perform the whole summarized story dance from Beginning to Middle to End without stopping.

Time Required:
30-45 minutes

Materials List:

  • Story of your choice
  • large paper, pencils
  • magnets for paper


Dance Performance.

Perform the summarized story dance as a class using a narrator to tell the story.

Have the class reflect on their dance and if it accurately conveyed a summary of the story