Writing Scrapbooks


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Lesson Process:

Step 1: Students learn the steps to the writing process: Prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, evaluating, and publishing.

Step 2: Students create their own journal for writing using the Artful Journaling resource.

Step 3: Students go on a nature walk and choose 3 found objects to bring back with them.

Step 4:  Students incorporate their 3 found objects into their journal in some way: drawing them, rubbing them onto the paper, painting them, printing them, etc.

Step 5:  The teacher then says that the students must write a piece in their journal that explains why their three items should be the ones chosen for the classroom’s treasure chest. Be sure to share a model journal that students can use as a reference that includes a special story about the objects and shows them artfully depicted in the journal.

Step 6:  Students should use the steps of the writing process in their journals to describe their objects, define why they are special through a story, and persuade the reader to choose their objects for the class treasure chest.

Time Required:
30-45 minutes

Materials List:

  • Artful Journaling Worksheet
  • cardboard
  • string
  • glue
  • tape
  • paper, pencils, found materials


Classroom Journal Library.

Students can share their journals with the class, including their 3 objects artfully depicted and the story that describes them.

At the end, all student journals can then be added to the classroom library treasure chest for future check-out