Glass Slipper Bullies


Health and Music

  • 30-45 Minutes


  • “Cinderella” CD – Prokofiev
  • Cinderella Book
  • papers, pencils
  • variety of classroom instruments


Step 1: Read the book “Cinderella” and discuss the role of the stepsisters and stepmother. What character traits did they possess? Would they be characterized as bullies? Why?

Step 2: Have students listen to Prokofiev’s “Cinderella” and listen for the music that would describe the stepsisters and stepmother. How could they tell that this was depicting these characters, since there are no words? What qualities about the music did you hear that sounded like bullying (tone, instrument choice, high or low, loud or soft, fast or slow).

Step 3: Have students create a list of ways that Cinderella could have stood up to the bullies in her life. Did she use any of these? Are there things she could have done differently?

Step 4: Then have students create an ending for the stepsisters and stepmother after Cinderella gets married. What happened to them?

Step 5: Write a new Cinderella story together using their lists for anti-bullying tactics and the ending for the stepsisters and stepmother.

Step 6: Choose instruments and styles of playing them that would accurately tell the story they just wrote.

Step 7: Perform the new story on the musical instruments/singing.



Have students create a journal entry from Cinderella’s perspective about a bullying incident between her and her stepsisters that she can sing to her friends.

Then, allow students to select instruments to accompany their newly created song.