Here’s a list of the many resources that are out there for STEM and STEAM: from explaining what it is, to sample lessons, to ways that it connects to the Arts.  This is a living list, so please feel free to add any resources you have found in your travels in the comment section below!


STEM presentations:


Creating a Global Focus on STEM education is a very well-done powerpoint that gives a “big picture” to STEM.

The STEM Education Coalition has a whole section of resource links to over 50 different presentations worldwide.

The Journal highlights how teachers and administrators are looking for resources to support STEM.

What is STEM education is a prezi from Todd Ensign that was provided to West Virginia teachers.





How to Smile is a site that houses fantastic math and science activities, with a dose of creativity thrown in.

PBS STEM Resource is a phenomenal site with lessons for K-12 in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math as well as professional development for teachers.

STEAM Education Lessons provide several high-quality STEAM lessons that you can browse through.



STEAM Resources:


The STEAM Academy is a terrific site for advocating and sharing authentic STEAM projects and efforts.

Planting T’s is a website dedicated to promoting design thinking in K-12 education.

Working in Scratch: Putting STEAM into Cross-Curricular Collaboration is a prezi that gives practical applications for using the computer program SCRATCH in the arts classrooms.

Going from STEM to STEAM is a prezi about how creativity and self-expression give life to technology and science.

100+ STEM and STEAM Resources Livebinder has a variety of tools, videos and resources for you to browse.


STEAM Apps and Websites:


Amaziograph – How can you pack so much STEAM into one little app?  Explore tessellations and symmetry by creating kaleidoscopes and mirrors using the graph and art brushes in the app.  Easy to use interface, so it works for all grade levels.

Adobe Capture – We are loving all of the free tools that Adobe has been releasing recently and this one is at the top of our list. The app lets users take a photo of something and then trace the outline. A student can then erase parts, color it in, or enhance areas, all based on the initial sketch provided by the photo.

Assembly – They call this an app that makes “graphic design for everyone”.  I have to say, it’s super easy to use and has so many applications that could connect arts and other content areas.  I’m having a lot of fun playing with this app this week!

IDEO Method Card – Want to use legendary IDEO methods right from your phone?  Now you can. Use it as a way to promote critical and creative thinking routines at any point in your lessons.

BoomWriter – Looking for a way for students to collaborate on story creation, ideas, and even projects?  This is a great free web-based tool to explore.

MySimpleShow – If you are considering trying some more flipped classroom lessons (having students view the lesson prior to class so you can get hands-on right from the get-go), this is a great tool to consider.  Also great if you want your students to teach each other!

Soundation – This is a free online recording studio that you can use anywhere.  Students can collaborate on a piece of music and not even be in the same room.  Compose, record and produce in one spot.

SF MoMA Teacher Resources – This section of the San Francisco MoMA site for teachers is a goldmine!  There are articles you can select and read with students, video interviews, project ideas and an entire section dedicated to STEAM.