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STEAM Buyers Beware

There is a disturbing trend among many EdTech Startups and Organizations that has been evolving over the past 18 months.  In this highly-competitive and lucrative business market, the actual needs of schools are getting sidetracked by the "cool [...]

Why STEM is Still Skeptical of STEAM

In education, the one thing we can always be certain of is shifting priorities.  Over the past 20 years, in an attempt to "fix" the broken system, everyone from politicians to famous athletes to business [...]

10 STEAM Leadership Books Worth Exploring

One of the things all educators need is to rest and relax with our family and friends and focus on what is most important in our lives.  It's also important to recharge our batteries from the day-to-day [...]

Maximizing the Arts through the Studio/Lab Design

If the road to integrating the arts sounds a bit daunting or overwhelming, you're not alone.  We know that integrating the arts with integrity is SO important for reaching and teaching all of our students, [...]

I Got Kissed by a Giraffe! Packing STEAM in Your Suitcase

Summer vacation started three weeks ago. Let the summer slide begin! Or, use STEAM to keep the kids occupied and learning about biology, engineering, weather, erosion, math and art. Any vacation can be turned into a [...]

Why Isn’t My Classroom More Like The GooglePlex? Engaging Girls with STEAM

Lets face it; school design is stuck in the 19th century when classrooms were designed for the industrial workforce. Children learned the bell system for beginning school (work begins), recess (breaks), lunch, and the end [...]

Being Dynamic

Sometimes, the simplest questions are the ones that are the most important.  One such question that seems to be circling around the educational community right now and holds such critical ramifications in the way that [...]

STEMify Your Lessons

Why am I advocating here on an Arts Integration focused site for STEM education?  Because the definition for STEM is actually very similar to that of Arts Integration.  STEM is..."an approach to teaching and learning [...]

STEAM Resources for Any Classroom

  Here's a list of the many resources that are out there for STEM and STEAM: from explaining what it is, to sample lessons, to ways that it connects to the Arts.  This is a living [...]

Using Badges in the Classroom

As we head into February, I'm sure you're noticing more classroom management issues cropping up.  If you're like me, February and March are my most dreaded months of the year.  The excitement of snow is [...]

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