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STEAM Resource Roundup 2014

Finding resources for STEAM integration that are of high quality can be a daunting task.  We thought it would be a good idea to gather our personal “go-to” lists for STEAM resources and compile them [...]

The March Resource Roundup

Each month, you'll find some of the best resources we run across to bring more STEAM to your schools and classrooms.  These may be websites, apps, or even videos and podcasts - whatever you can [...]

Using Diigo As Your Personal Library

Part of making learning personal to you is in what you read and more importantly, what you keep.  You can learn a lot about a person by the books, magazines and digital print they leave [...]

Creating Infographics in the Classroom

Today, I'm sharing with you a tutorial on using the free online tool Easel.ly to learn how easy it is to create your own infographics.  Infographics are truly taking over how we view and absorb information.  You [...]

2013 Tech Tools for the Arts

Do you ever struggle with the amount of tech tools that are out there?  It can be overwhelming to sort through what's available, determine what's actually practical for the classroom and makes an impact with [...]

The Definitive List of Online Integration Resources

Today, we're giving you something that you can put right into your planbook and use throughout the year.  We hope you need to laminate it because it gets so well-worn.  This is our definitive list [...]

The Integrated Educator’s Tweet and Pin Guidebook

More and more, I'm surprised by how many educators are still not on Twitter and Pinterest.  As districts have gotten more comfortable with unblocking these social media tools, it would stand to reason that educators [...]

Technology Apps for the Arts

I’ll admit it – I’ve been jealous of all you people with iPads.  I can’t bring myself to buy one just yet because I know they are in the category of iPhones – new and [...]

Embracing Technology for Learning, Not Blocking From Fear

How often have you been intimidated by new technology that comes out?  Maybe it’s getting a new phone or a new laptop, or learning how to use a tablet for the first time.  There’s always [...]

Lesson Seeds for Using Technology

One of the great things I've learned about technology is that in order for it to be used, you sometimes need to provide a little jump start for educators.  While the "cool factor" of an [...]

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