Do you ever struggle with the amount of tech tools that are out there?  It can be overwhelming to sort through what’s available, determine what’s actually practical for the classroom and makes an impact with students, and to make sure that the tools you’re using are relevant.

One of our most popular posts on Pinterest right now is the Technology and the Arts worksheet we created over two years ago.  And while much of this information is still valid, there are so many more sites that have come along since then that can have an impact on your own teaching and learning.  That’s why for today’s Free Friday, we’re sharing our 2013 Tech Tools for the Arts list.  These tools are our top recommended sites for integrating technology in and through the arts!


tech tools 2013

Our latest list is organized as an infographic into four different categories: Organization, Creative, Integration and Productivity.  It’s our hope that by placing our favorite tech tools into these categories, we can alleviate some of those overwhelming feelings we all experience.

The Organization tools help you to streamline everything from your social media (great for advocacy) to your planning.  In the Creative category, we recommend some of the latest ways you can present information to your students, or introduce them to new ways to share their own portfolios of learning.  The Integration tools are great ways to connect the arts with other content areas using technology.  And in Productivity, we share our top technology suggestions for working in and through the arts in the 21st century (check out the podcasting and screencasting options this year).

Of course, we can’t include everything that’s out there into a single list.  So let us know: what favorite tech tools do you use?