Junk Art: Project Based Learning Lesson

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One of the greatest things about our Arts Integration and STEAM online classes is the incredible work we see our students produce.  That’s because we believe that it’s more important to apply your learning to your actual teaching than it is to write an essay about it.

For today’s free resource, we’re so proud to be able to feature a project based learning lesson created by Margaret Stephens.  Margaret is a teacher in Australia who recently completed our Project Based Learning and the Arts online class.  As part of her final project, she created a  lesson connecting science and art through recycled materials.


What’s incredible about Margaret’s lesson is that she outlines not only the overarching concepts of the project, but also the intentional connections to standards throughout the process.  Do be sure to download the lesson PDF as it also includes her rubric for the project.  This rubric beautifully assesses students in both the science and the arts concepts.

This project was developed with early childhood in mind.  It specifies kindergarten, but you can easily use it for Pre-K as well.  Sometimes, teachers shy away from project-based learning in the early grades.  Some worry that a project like this would be too confusing or have too many pieces for younger students.

In fact, PBL lessons work at any age level.  Margaret does a great job of ensuring this project is age-appropriate as well as comprehensive in both the science and visual art content.

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