Typhani Harris | January 2017

A New Semester Series: Gearing Up for Semester II

It’s a new semester! By this time of year, we have celebrated holidays, enjoyed relaxation time with family and friends, made it through the survival and disillusionment phases of teaching, and endured the first semester of the school year.  Congratulations!  Being halfway through the school year is exciting; you have formed strong relationships with your students and colleagues, routines and procedures are becoming second nature, you are seeing that magic “aha” moment happen more frequently.

However, as we begin a new semester and enter the second semester, we have a chance to reestablish our classroom culture and begin seeing the fruits of our labor.  Students will need to prove their knowledge on final exams, standardized tests, and ultimately successful completion of our courses.  The second semester is also an opportunity for us, as teachers, to hit the reset button and build stronger structures, higher expectations, and clearer evidence of the great work our students do on a daily basis.

Welcome to the Gearing Up for New Semester II Series!

In this five-week series, we will develop structures and expectations that will help our students grow and help us fine tune our practice as we enter a new semester.  Every Monday will offer tips and downloadable for a strong start to semester 2.

Series Preview

Week 1: January 23 – Reassessing Your Class

We will begin the series with an assessment of our current classroom procedures and evaluate areas where we can tighten up our structures in order to provide the greatest amount of instructional time.  The second semester is a perfect time to hit reset and reassess the classroom community.  It is never too late to rebuild and redefine the culture of your classroom.

Week 2: January 30 – Objectives, Aims, and OutcomesOh, My!

The second week will workshop developing solid three-part measurable objectives that focus your students and impress your administration.

Week 3: February 6 – Aligning Tasks with Intended Behaviors

Taking a look at how we can ensure that the task we are assigning is actually measuring the behavior we are requesting.  Plenty of downloads and engaging ways to make our classes even better.

Week 4: February 13 – Beyond the Exit

Have you ever been asked, “but how do you know your students learned today?”  It is a little nerve-wracking because you know your students learned… but how do you prove it?  We will break down tangible evidence of learning and align it to the objectives in artistic ways including ways to revisit objectives throughout the class experience and take learning beyond the exit slip.

Week 5: February 20 – Data Data Data

The dreaded “D” word!! We hear it constantly and avoid it intentionally, but it’s not a bad word.  Find out how to gather and use objectives-based data to drive instruction, it’s not as scary (or annoying) as it may seem; plus the Data Gods will love you!

Join us for this five-week series that will provide a strong start to the second semester by tightening up your class community, helping your students flourish, and making the Data Gods smile!

About the Author

Dr. Typhani Harris, author of Putting the Performance in Performance Task and Stop Teaching, brings over 2 decades of educational experience to The Institute. Originally a high school English Language Arts teacher, Dr. Harris transitioned into a dance educator who cultivated an award-winning collegiate style dance education program at a public school in California. Prior to joining the Institute, she was an educational leader and instructional coach specializing in preparing new teachers in secondary urban schools.  As the Executive Director of Academic Affairs, Dr. Harris maintains courses, conferences, and the accredited certification program at The Institute.