January 2016 Issue of STEAMed Has Arrived!

2 Min Read  •  Digital Magazine

Our January 2016 issue of the FREE quarterly digital magazine, STEAMed, has finally arrived – just in time for your holiday reading pleasure!  This is a banner issue for STEAMed. We’ve officially been in existence for a full YEAR and in that time, we’ve learned an incredible amount – both from our contributors and on the process of publishing a digital magazine.

Because of this, we’ve made some important changes to the publication for January 2016 Issue! Due to overwhelming feedback, we’ve changed the orientation of the magazine from landscape to portrait. This should make it easier for you to read, zoom, and interact with each January 2016 Issue. We’re also including MORE articles and bigger variety – from elementary to high school and classrooms to art rooms – you’ll find an amazing amount of new materials, resources, and lesson ideas you can use.

We’re also lining up some high-profile cover stories for you this year. I’m so proud that in this January 2016 Issue, we get to kick off the new year with one of my personal favorites: Austin Kleon. From the first moment I read his book, Steal Like an Artist, he has shaped how I fundamentally think about creativity. And now you can read all about his thoughts on the subject in our interview on page 22. Don’t miss this one!

One of the things I most love about our magazine is that we get to feature teachers who are taking risks, trying new ideas, and sharing their successes and failures with all of us so we can learn from their experiences. In this January 2016 Issue, we’re featuring everything from how to use stop motion animation, science and art (page 6) to discover a whole new world, to new lesson plan ideas integrating art and math (pages 10 and 16). And if you’re a foodie, you’ll definitely want to jump over to page 40 where Sarah Henderson shares how to use PBL and the Culinary Arts for a unique Arts Integration approach.

One last BIG thank you goes out to all of you. We now reach of 100,000 readers in 6 continents. Think of all the innovative ways our students will now get a chance to learn thanks to teachers like you. You model how to stretch out of the comfort zone, take a chance and reach for the stars. Thank you for making this magazine a part of your toolkit.