Susan Riley | November 2015

Episode 31: Driving Artistic Inquiry in the Classroom

The SparkChasers Podcast is now officially back and we are super excited for this new evolution.  We’re now moving to a weekly radio broadcast!  Your tremendous feedback and requests have led us to make this shift and we’re so happy to now connect with you each and every Thursday.  We’ve even spruced up the podcast page a bit, added a new look to our cover art and archived all of our previous seasons so we can all be ready for this next big step!

Today officially marks episode 31 and we’re using the chance to set the foundation for the creative classroom.  With all of the latest approaches and acronyms out there, it can be so easy to become lost.  More than anything else, we hear from teachers who say that have too much going on: PBL, STEAM, STEM, AI, IB, PYP…when does it stop?  How do we even begin to figure out what to focus on?  And will any of this actually help with student learning?

I am a firm believer in looking for common ground when it comes to educational changes.  Most approaches are built upon the same foundation: inquiry and questions.  In today’s episode of the SparkChasers Podcast, I’m delving into how driving artistic inquiry in the classroom can help to synthesize our priorities and truly impact student learning.


As with all our podcast episodes, here’s a few links to the resources shared in today’s show:

Essential Question Criteria Checklist (pg. 12) and Big Ideas Presentation from SAUSD

How to Make Your Questions Essential article from ASCD

Resources from Jay McTighe and Associates

Essential Questions Short Chart for Common Core and the Arts

About the Author

Susan Riley is the founder and CEO of The Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM. She focuses on teacher professional development in arts integration, STEAM, 21st century learning skills, and technology. She is also a published author and frequent presenter at national conferences on Arts Integration and STEAM education. Susan holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from the prestigious Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ and a Master of Science in Education Administration from McDaniel College in Westminster, MD. She lives in Westminster, MD with her husband and daughter. Email Susan