Overview: High school lesson integrating technology and dance through movement analysis.

This is the second installment of the Studio STEAM-up Series!  Each week we will explore arts integrated lessons that connect dance to the STEAM subjects.  This week is Technology and Dance!  Although the first set of ISTE standards were released in 1998, it is still a relatively new subject and often results in the response “Oh I didn’t know there were technology standards”, but then again, I still get that response when it comes to the arts as well.  Common Core, STEAM, and the reality of the digital age has definitely placed technology as necessity in education.


We will be using the International Society for Technology in Education standards for high school and the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards for Dance.
International Society for Technology in Education

Lesson Seeds

When it comes to dance and technology, one of the most useful applications is simply the use of video to improve technique and performance.  At least once a week I have students take out their personal devices and film their movement.  We can correct specifics till we are blue in the face, but once they see it themselves it finally clicks.

Movement Analysis

This lesson offers a an amazing reflection opportunity for our students.  No matter how many times we provide feedback and corrections, there are just some things our students have to see for themselves.  This lesson pushes students to analyze their movement and create attainable goals.  It is a great lesson for any level of dance student and promotes student accountability for their own learning.  Review the following article for resources and handouts: How Did I Do.

Electronic Portfolios

Creating online portfolios and resumes is a great way to integrate technology and dance.  This gives our students the opportunity to share their artistry with the world, and moreover, prepare them to be marketable in their digital age, their global future, and their lives beyond our studio walls.  Review the following article for tips on building ePortfolios: Market your Student Artists

There are many opportunities to bring technology into the studio.   If you have a technology lesson you would like to integrate with dance, or if you try one of these here please drop me a comment below or email me at [email protected], I would love to hear about it!

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