Greg Pilewski | December 2014

STEAM Leadership: 8 Innovative Resources to Explore in 2015

8 Innovative Resources to Explore in 2015

As we all begin to wrap up 2014 and look forward to the new possibilities of 2015 we outlined 8 innovative resources worth a “deep dive” in 2015. These innovative resources, and more, will be featured at our 2015 STEAM Connectivity Conference.  For more information and to register for the event click here!


1. Wacom Bamboo

This company offers so many cool products easily utilized by students, teachers and leaders.  You can do so many things with Wacom tools such as draw, design, edit, capture ideaseducate and more.  Unlock your creativity and start innovating today with these resources. 

ThingLink2. Thinglink

One of the leading platforms for creating interactive images and videos for educational purposes.  This web 2.0 tool quickly allows your images to “come to life” with video, text, images, music, etc.  This is another great innovative resource for students, teachers, and leaders.  Make your first faculty meeting in 2015 come to life!

Buncee3. Buncee

This web 2.0 application is for creating presentations, digital stories, and interactive multi-media creations.  Educators around the world are discovering the wide variety of ways to utilize Buncee for digital storytelling, flipping the classroom, and so much more.  Create, present, and share using this multi-media resource for students, teachers, and leaders.  Think about using Buncee for your next parent newsletter, or presenting to your faculty or leadership team.

photo4. Doodle Institute

Enhance your 21st century teaching and leadership skills with the world of doodling. Tap your creativity and communicate a visual vocabulary by enhancing group conversation, and better understanding in and outside the classroom.  Map out your next faculty conversation, and add more meaning to your meetings. In addition, build your doodling skills, breaking through to your next innovative solution!

boogie board5. Boogie Boards

This company offers so many unique eWriter products beyond a fun paper alternative with wireless notepads, sticky notes, and scrap paper. The sky is the limit for students, teachers, and leaders.  Digitally create pages of notes and drawings with Boogie Board Sync 9.7 without sacrificing the experience of writing.  Keep it simple with the pocket style and power of Boogie Board Jot 4.5 and Jot 8.5 

sketchforschools6. Educational Sketchbook Program

Sketching is a powerful thinking tool for solving complex problems, communicating, and decision-making .  We all recognize the value of powerful instructional strategies like visual journaling that can be integrated across all subjects.  The Educational Sketchbook Program has sketchbooks and visual journals that were created for inside and outside the classroom. Consider having your teachers experiment with using sketchbooks during collaborative planning.  Imagine the message you will send about the value of creativity and innovation!

bright bot7. Bright Bot

These student-centered apps are for our youngest learns that help foster creativity.  This product is a great resource to support creative expression, artistic skills, language development, speech therapy, special education, and creative thinking skills. Check out “My Story” the simplest storytelling and movie making app for kids!  Foster the next generation of young innovators today!

pitcherific8. Pitcherific

This free web 2.0 tool will help you practice your next “pitch” to your students, faculty, staff, superintendent, or your community.  This easy to follow resource will help you get better at being clear and concise on how you plan to solve a complex problem while convincing others to act on your ideas.  This is a great tool for developing 21st skills in students, teachers, and leaders.

Tell us about your experiences and insights with implementing these 8 innovative tools in your classroom, school, or district!   Which innovative resources were engaging to your students, teachers, or leaders?  How are these resoruces supporting your STEAM/arts integration implementation?

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Greg is a former Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and has nearly twenty years of classroom, school-based and district-level leadership experience in five different public school systems. He has a passion for teaching and learning and a commitment to supporting school-level and system-level leaders with integrated and innovative resources. Not only is Greg an accomplished leader and speaker, he’s also an avid tinkerer in his workshop where he enjoys making projects around his historic home for his lovely wife and two Labrador retrievers. You can catch Greg’s insights right here each and every Thursday and contact him directly at: