For today’s Free Friday, we wanted to leave you with an infographic that you could take with you. One that reminds you of the four keys steps to build a brand as an educator.  The steps keep you on track to making sure your message is clear. It helps unsure you get across who you are as an educator. And, engages students and stakeholders alike in participation with your class or school.  I cannot stress enough how important it is that teachers and administrators everywhere work on intentionally “brand-ucating”. There’s nothing more powerful!  Because once you start to brand your teaching, word will spread and you will build a community of learners and passionate students who will work with you through the learning process.

Enjoy today’s infographic, and if you missed any of our branding series this week, we encourage you to take a minute and catch up on these great articles!

Build-a-Brand Infographic, Education Closet