Today’s post comes from our featured guest writer, Jenna Smith.

Do you love to travel? What if regular travel was a part of your job description? That probably sounds too good to be true but there are a lot of different jobs and degrees that you can get that will help you ensure that your future is filled with plenty of travel and adventure.


Archaeology is a fantastic degree for people who love both travel and history. When you hear the word archaeologist you probably think of either the Jurassic Park movies or the Egyptian Pyramids. Believe it or not, archaeologists do more than find dinosaurs and dig for artifacts in the middle eastern desert. Some archaeologists study the history of all sorts of facets of human culture. It can literally take you anywhere on the planet.


So many people believe that biology is just for people who want to become doctors. To be sure, if you want to be a doctor and travel you can join Doctors Without Borders and fulfill those goals while also helping those who are less fortunate. Biology is also for people who love animals and plants. Field biologists travel the world and study what makes it work. The great thing about field biology is that you typically stay in the places you travel for lengthy periods of time, conducting intensive studies on plants or animals. If you want to immerse yourself in a culture, this is a great way to do that.


Attending a theological seminary school is a great way to study your faith, learn how to help people and set yourself up for a lifetime of travel. As a seminary student (and professional minister) you will frequently be involved in charitable and church-based trips to parts of the world that are impoverished and in need of help. Some people graduate from seminary schools and then spend their lives traveling through these “third world” areas, helping to build them up, set up churches and get the people who live in these places the basic resources they need.


When you hear about business degrees, you probably envision a life spent in a cubicle somewhere. Believe it or not even auditors can travel the world. The best way to ensure a travel filled future is to go after your business degree and then put it to work in a travel-based non-profit. Non-profits like Charity Water founded themselves on the principle of helping even remote areas of the world have access to clean drinking water. A business degree is well rounded enough that you can parlay it into positions even with non-profits like the Peace Corps.


Engineering is a fantastic degree to pursue if you want to travel to places or spend time living all over the world. Engineers are in need everywhere and many engineering firms, even small firms based in your home town, will take on projects all over the world. An engineering degree can help you, for example, set up running water for a village in Africa, build bridges in the Amazon, and rebuild whole towns in the Eastern Bloc. This is also a field that pays quite well—even the engineers who work with non-profit agencies earn major salaries.

These are just some of the degrees you should pursue if you want to ensure that you get to travel a lot in your professional life (and be able to afford travel in your personal life). If these don’t appeal to you, don’t worry—if you’re creative you can turn just about any degree into a resource to facilitate future travels.