Looking for Arts Integration Strategies?

Tired of wading through the internet trying to find and collect creative strategies to use with your students?

Us too.

That’s why we’ve compiled all of our tried-and-true arts integration strategies into one resource. This PDF guide will save you time and make hands-on learning so much easier.


This complete guide makes it easy to find the creative kickstart you need in your lessons. We’ve split this resource into 3 parts:


This section contains short experiences in each of the art forms, designed to be done at the beginning of a lesson. These should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. We’ve also included lesson ideas and extensions you can use to pair with these warm-ups.


These are activities you can integrate into your lesson to help it take on more depth. These strategies have been separated by art form so you can use what the area you’re most comfortable in to start. Once learned, these activities can be easily added on a consistent basis.


These are items that aren’t specific to one arts area, but instead can be used with any art form and any content area. These are meant to become a habit that students use for critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving.


This guide will:

  • Save you hours of searching for strategies that work

  • Make it easy to find what you’re looking for with our hyperlinked index

  • Give you an access point for all art forms – reaching all learners!

  • Refresh your lessons with new, creative techniques

  • Help you feel more confident in using arts integration


This toolkit has been created and curated by the professional arts integration specialists here at IAS. Combined, we have decades of experience as teachers, administrators, and arts integration leaders. Each of these warmups, strategies, and thinking routines have been used in our own classrooms – so we know they work.

We believe in developing tools, resources, and professional development programs that are practical and relevant. So you won’t find any fluff here. We get right to the good stuff, so you can have immediate results with your students.


Don’t stress! At the very beginning of the guide is an index sorted by type and then separated by art form. Start by considering whether you want a warm-up, strategy, or thinking routine and then select one from the list in the art form you’re most comfortable with.

Not at all. Each warm-up, strategy, and thinking routine has step-by-step directions for use. These are meant to be used by anyone – regardless of their training in a topic area.  Remember: these are strategies, not lessons. They are quick, powerful activities to help your students make real-world connections.

Glad you asked! We have provided a lesson suggestion and extension for each warm-up. And, we offer an overview and connection ideas for each strategy and thinking routine.  These aren’t meant to be “one more thing” – they are meant to weave into your current lessons seamlessly.

Absolutely – and we hope that you do! Many of these warmups, strategies, and routines are a great way to get students actively participating in a virtual environment.

This toolkit is delivered as a .PDF file so you can open it on any device.