Susan Riley | March 2014

Storytelling through Social Media: Master Class Wrapup

Storytelling through Social Media, Master Class Wrapup, Education Closet

If you missed our Storytelling through Social Media master class last night, never fear!  We have the video from last night’s live event right here so that you can catch up on what you missed.  Here’s a few highlights from the evening:

  • You can use the big 4 (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google +)  to effectively advocate for your program or school and build a global community
  • Use Pinterest boards to teach topic areas.  Create a whole board for dance history or art techniques and then share them with your students
  • Understand the importance of “inbound marketing” and that as educators, we are all salesmen – but in a GOOD way!
  • Bring the power of blogging to life through student, parent, teacher and administrator bloggers each month.
  • Explore topics in realtime through virtual field trips and Google Hangouts.
  • Address safety concerns up front using the $200 rule.

We are so grateful that Mark Guay and Jessica Wilt shared these fantastic ideas for how to leverage social media safely and creatively with our students, teachers, administrators and community.  Especially in the arts classes where the idea of micro content is so familiar to us (telling our story in a  brief moment through our arts medium), social media can be our next step toward pushing the boundaries with the arts and in bringing learning to life for our students.

As an added bonus, you can purchase the valuable information, tools and resources Mark shared last night in his book, Schools Gone Social, for less than $10 with a  20% discount through his website.  Just use promo code educationcloset.  Enjoy the master class reprise below (start at minute 7:48 due to a tech glitch where you just see me for a while) and let us know your thoughts or questions in the comment area – Mark and Jessica will be happy to continue the conversation!

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Susan Riley is the founder and CEO of The Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM. She focuses on teacher professional development in arts integration, STEAM, 21st century learning skills, and technology. She is also a published author and frequent presenter at national conferences on Arts Integration and STEAM education. Susan holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from the prestigious Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ and a Master of Science in Education Administration from McDaniel College in Westminster, MD. She lives in Westminster, MD with her husband and daughter. Email Susan