Each month, you’ll find some of the best resources we run across to bring more STEAM to your schools and classrooms.  These may be websites, apps, or even videos and podcasts – whatever you can use to engage students in meaningful STEAM learning.  Here’s what we have for you this month:

The Padagogy Wheel

This wheel is all about integration – specifically, how to integrate technology platforms with the cognitive demands they require and several ideas for multi-modal use.  Take a look at the application, evaluation and creation areas of the wheel.  This can act as a wonderful tool when you’re stuck and need some fresh, new perspectives.  Not to mention that this wheel’s home, In Support of Excellence, is an outstanding website in its own right!





The IBM Think Online Tool/Exhibit

I’ve been to the IBM Think Exhibit in Epcot, and as an educator, I could spend hours there.  It’s interactive, engaging, you can continually dig into the “whys” and “hows” of the past 100 years and our rapidly progressing future.  What’s great about this site is that is captures much of what the exhibit itself has to offer, shares lesson plans for teachers, and even has an app as a tool for critical thinking and exploration.  I dare you to not get sucked into all this website has to offer.




How Stuff Works

This online magazine of sorts has a breadth and depth of information that is truly astounding.  Including everything from the mechanics of auto engineering to tessellations, this site is a go-to for inquiry-based learning and research.  Plus, since it’s a part of the DiscoveryChannel, this site has the resources to allow students to go as deeply as they need into a topic.  A great find!

How Stuff Works

Rework: Phillip Glass Remixed App

This jaw-dropping app uses the modern compositions of Phillip Glass and visualizations to create a stunning display of math, engineering and music in one space.  You can even create your own compositions using Phillip Glass’ early work and your own creative visualization re-workings in the app’s “Glass Machine”.  This app inspires STEAM learning and application in its own right, as well as serving as a jumping-off point for many different STEAM lesson ideas.

Phillip Glass Remix App

Design Thinking in Schools

Looking for a web-library of resources that will encourage authentic STEAM thinking, learning, creating, and evaluating?  Design Thinking in Schools has a comprehensive list of websites, tools, apps, and research that serves as a “first-stop” in thinking through design’s lens.

Design Thinking in Schools

What other resources do you have in your Teacher Treasure Chest?  Feel free to add them to the comments below, or over in our discussion boards.  We’d love to have this list keep growing!