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What can a Certified Arts Integration Specialist do for my school?

More and more schools are moving towards arts integration and STEAM. Having a certified arts integration specialist helping to lead those efforts is crucial. Here’s just a few benefits:

Achievement Support 

Schools see an average increase of 10-15% student achievement across all populations with arts integration.  Our certified specialists are trained in strategic improvement and data analysis.

Authentic Standards-Focus 

You need a specialist who understands standards and assessment alignments that ensure equitable and authentic connections in and through the arts. Our specialists make this a priority.

Instructional Design 

The Arts Integration Specialists in our network have extensive training and real-world experience in designing instruction that builds 21st century skill development. So your students are set up for success.

Sustainable Effort 

These specialists have experience in developing community connections throughout the year. Making your arts integration and STEAM efforts sustainable long-term.